A safe and easy way to order their at home Covid-19 Tests! Please fill out the form below or give our representatives a call Monday – Friday 9am-5pm est at 463-529-1484

Place Your Order for Your 8 At-Home COVID-19 Tests at no cost to you!

Please fill out the form below or call 463-529-1484 Monday – Friday 9-5 EST to place your order.


Make sure you have your Medicare card ready. Enter your information as shown on your Medicare card and the address you want your tests sent to. See the example with the Medicare Number circled.

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info. You can also find additional info on Medicare.gov website HERE.

** If you have insurance provided by an employer, you do not qualify for this program.
Please include apartment number if you have one
We will send updates and tracking info to your email

This website is secure but if you do not feel comfortable entering your Medicare ID or cannot locate your card, then you may submit your order without it. We will make an attempt to lookup your eligibility. Be aware that submitting without an MBI might delay your order or we may not be able to confirm your eligibility at all.

Please Enter Your MEDICARE ID below exactly the same as how it is printed on your red, white and blue card. See the sample ID at top of the page. Your Medicare ID determines your eligibility if you are qualified to receive the 8 Covid Test kits 100% covered by Medicare. If you have active part B then you are eligible.

This is the number found on your red white and blue card

Consent & Acknowledgement

By submitting I give EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT authorizing Meds to You pharmacy to be my preferred provider for up to 8 at home, Covid-19 tests. These tests are provided at no cost and are 100% covered by Medicare. I understand Medicare will only pay for 8 Tests per calendar month.

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